Thunder Radio Episode 13: Virtual Learning with Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate

January 31, 2017
In this episode, Principal Allison McDonald explains virtual learning – what it is, and how Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate is helping First Nations students on reserves. We were also lucky to speak with one of those young students, A.J. Wastasecoot, on location, at Peguis Central School.

Thunder Radio Episode 12: The Making of “Our Tomorrows, Today: Wahbung 1971″

December 2, 2016

Our own Multimedia Developer, Nicole Magne, steps out from behind the scenes to share about an exciting new video project, "Our Tomorrows, Today: Wahbung 1971", a short documentary that explores the history of "Wahbung". And the story behind the making of this documentary is as captivating and engaging as the film itself. More information on the film is available at


Thunder Radio Episode 11: Community Histories Mapping Project

October 20, 2016

Andy Thomas and Val Bighetty discuss MFNERC's First Nations Community Histories Mapping Project including what's been completed to date and what is planned for the future. You will also hear about why language projects like these are so important.


Thunder Radio Episode 10: Traditional Practices in Modern Classrooms

April 7, 2016

Educator and speaker Tasha Spillett dropped by to chat about her role as a teacher and student (she recently completed a Master’s degree in Land-based Education). We also talked about how she weaves traditional knowledge and teachings into a modern, 21st century classroom.


Thunder Radio Episode 9: A Smorgasbord with Kevin Lamoureux

February 26, 2016

Teacher, speaker and advocate, Kevin Lamoureux stopped by our studio to chat about an array of topics regarding First Nations education. They include, reaching out to “non-traditional” students, working with troubled youth/students, how the culture of poverty can effect school experiences, and the U of W’s new mandatory Indigenous Studies course.


Thunder Radio Episode 8: What is Indigenous Knowledge and How can it Help Development?

February 1, 2016

These are just two of the questions we asked two students studying for their Master’s in Development Practice: Indigenous Development at the U of W. Join Vanessa Tait and Adesuwa Omoruyi-Ero as we talk food security, sustainability, Indigenous knowledge and more.


Thunder Radio Episode 7: A Chat with Robert-Falcon Ouellette

January 8, 2016

We were honoured to have Dr. Robert-Falcon Ouellette, MP for Winnipeg Centre, stop by and talk with us about the recent election, his role as MP, his Indigenous background, and what he hopes to accomplish for Winnipeg Centre.


Thunder Radio Episode 6: Seeking Knowledge - What is an Ally?

November 26, 2015

Monique Woroniak is a non-Indigenous Winnipegger who is very active with raising awareness and sharing knowledge, with non-Indigenous people specifically, about First Nations history and issues.  She helped to create the website and joined us in the studio to talk about what it means to be an ally, or as she describes it, a learner of truth.


Thunder Radio Episode 5: Cultural Literacy & Community Engagement

October 20, 2015

Cultural literacy, community engagement and First Nations education are all touched upon in our 5th episode of Thunder Radio. Maria Morrison, indie publishing consultant and Citizen Equity Committee Coordinator for the City of Winnipeg, came by our studio to chat about these very important and timely issues.


Thunder Radio Episode 4: Ancestral Education Systems

September 17, 2015

Victor Harper, from Wasagamack First Nation, is currently the Tribal Education Advisor for the Island Lake Tribal Council. Victor has been an advocate for the Ancestral Education System and its importance for teaching culture, ancestral language, and instilling values in our First Nations youth, for decades. He joined us in our office in September, 2015 for a discussion around the balance between contemporary and ancestral education systems, and how that integration could, and should, occur.